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About exists to promote organs of all types and organ music of all periods and styles. Different people have different wants, needs, budgets, and tastes. We are excited about advances in sampling technology and pipe organ simulation software. While virtual organs will never replace pipe organs they are more accessible to more organists and more potential organists. Church organists are already using virtual organs to play their church organs at home. Virtual organs are also providing virtual access to historical instruments that would otherwise be off limits to most of us.

Two organists are responsible for my love and passion for organs and organ music: is dedicated to the memory of Dr. June Kean and the life of Gwen Jones. Their talent, skill, and dedication was not limited to a single brand or type of organ. They were able to make any organ speak to the soul. is also grateful to those responsible for today's virtual organ projects, especially Martin Dyde, his Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Project, and everyone sampling pipe organs all over the world.

Brian Wolfe

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